North West Commercial
Rabbit Club

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New Zealand


Senior Weight: 8 - 10 ½ pounds
Color: White, with black at the points (nose, ears, feet and tail).  Eyes are red.
Distinctive: Himalayan markings
National  club:


Senior Weight: 8 ½ - 11 pounds.
Color: Rusty or cinnamon, with uniform smoke gray ticking across the back
Nationalel Club:

Silver Fox

Senior Weight: 9 - 12 pounds

Color: Black which is ‘silvered’ (other varieties in development Blue and Chocolate)

Distinctive: Long, evenly silvered fur, and is a meat breed.  Silver Fox breed is recognized as critically endangered.

National Club: National Silver Fox Rabbit Club

American Sable

Senior Weight: 7 - 10 pounds

Color: Shaded sepia brown, very dark on face and points, and lighter across body.

National Club: American Sable Rabbit Society



Senior Weight: 7 ½ - 10 ½ pounds

Color: Amber, black, blue, broken, Californian, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, lilac, lynx, opal, otter, red, sable, seal, white (REW)

Distinctive: Rex fur

National Club: National Rex Rabbit Club